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Hisense Slips into the Homes of Paris Saint-Germain Players, Introducing Its Second Year of Partnership with the Club

15 April 2022

Hisense, a leading global home appliance and consumer electronics brand and Paris Saint-Germain step into their second year of partnership and join forces to launch their second commercial today.

Looking back on 2021, Hisense has released an impressive commercial featuring football stars such as Neymar Jr, Keylor Navas, Ángel Di Maria, Ander Herrera and Presnel Kimpembe to highlight the excellent quality of Hisense. The first commercial received extensive attention and was praised both online and offline.

Today, Hisense released its second collaborative commercial with Paris Saint-Germain. Ángel Di María and Presnel Kimpembe are back on the commercial while Leo Messi, Marquinhos, and Idrissa Gueye joined the crew for their first Hisense commercial. The advertisement showcases a variety of Hisense home appliances in a comfortable home environment and highlights the superiority technology of Hisense products through the lens of a footballer’s daily life. The continued partnership and high level of engagement from each player reflect Paris Saint-Germain’s support and recognition of Hisense and signifies that the Hisense brand is widely appreciated and supported worldwide.

Hisense Becomes "Perfect Partner" Through Exquisite Technology and High-Quality Products

The theme of this commercial is Perfect Partner, indicating Hisense and Paris Saint-Germain’s excellent partnership throughout these years; it also signifies that Hisense expects to become a Perfect Partner in football fans’ and consumers’ life thanks to its superb products and technology. The commercial features five Paris Saint-Germain stars living in the same building, capturing the interactions of the stars in their daily life while using Hisense products.

Over the years, Hisense has continued to deepen its display technology through technological innovation to deliver perfect TV quality to consumers. In this commercial, one of the players featured used Hisense TV and experienced the Sports Mode technology, an outstanding feature that enhances the smoothness of sports while watching fast-paced matches, which allowed him an ultimate and immersive game-watching experience.

Consistently, Hisense aims to deliver a more immersive and realistic game viewing experience to football fans and consumers through exquisite technology and perfect TV quality; benefiting from excellent technology and quality, Hisense Mid-to-High end TVs (A7/U6/U7/U8) are highly appreciated by many media and consumers. So, in 2021, global sales revenue of mid-to-high end TVs over 99% YoY, fully reflecting the high reputation and recognition of Hisense TVs worldwide.

Meanwhile, as a long-term partner of Paris Saint-Germain, Hisense won supports from global consumers through its strong endorsement of sporting events and exquisite technological products, both in terms of product and brand reputation. Following its sponsorship with Paris Saint-Germain and several international sporting events in 2021, Hisense boosted overseas sales revenue by 43%, overseas brand awareness increased by 5pps.

In the future, Hisense will continue to deepen sports marketing and build stronger connections with consumers; also provide outstanding technology and product to become a well-known and trustworthy brand globally.

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