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Hisense Celebrates Mother’s Day, Making Every Moment Incredible through Technology and Interactive Campaign

08 May 2022

Mothers are the heart of every family, giving support to their families and enabling every family member to have a joyful life. On Mother’s Day, Hisense honors mothers and females worldwide for their contributions to families and communities, allowing every mother and consumer an even more enjoyable living environment and lifestyle through Hisense initiatives and excellent technologies.

#RememberTheName, Express Thankfulness to Mothers

As an enterprise with global social responsibility, Hisense has been paying great attention to women’s development. Since sponsoring UEFA Women’s EURO 2022TM, Hisense has been committed to encouraging female athletes and women sports development, inspiring all females to pursue their dreams. Over and above that, Hisense strives to create better viewing and living experiences for all females and their families, enabling females a chance to have a better lifestyle, moreover, enjoy sports anytime and anywhere.

During this Mother’s Day, a time of gratitude to females and mothers, and to support females in their daily life and careers in all fields, Hisense has launched an interactive campaign —— #RememberTheName, on social media to encourage consumers to post touching stories and express gratitude to mothers. Meanwhile, as a heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day, consumers who joined the campaign, could have a chance to win tickets and enjoy the exciting UEFA Women’s EURO 2022TM tournament together joyfully with their beloved mother in July. Since the campaign launched, Hisense has received tremendous participation and touching stories, thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated this grateful season with consumers worldwide.

Excellent Technology, Enables a Better and Joyful Family Life

To enable mothers and females to enjoy life after a busy day, Hisense has been creating qualified products, making consumers’ lives easier and better through technology over the years.

For example, when watching football in hot summer, every family needs to prepare iced drinks; to help reduce the tedious work of making ice, Hisense PureFlat Refrigerator’s Ice & Water Dispenser function allows consumers to obtain a large amount of ice quickly and save effort, enabling them to enjoy a better football game.

In recent years, many consumers have increasing demands for eye protection when watching TV, particularly when watching football matches for a long time may cause deepening eye fatigue; therefore, to help protect consumers’ eyes while watching TV, Hisense Laser TV is designed as eyes friendly, helping every mother to protect their children’s or family member’s eyes, making mothers worry-free while watching TV.

Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate mothers’ and females’ contributions worldwide. Hisense acknowledges and is thankful to every fantastic female and mother in society. Moving forward, Hisense will consistently inspire all females, using technology and qualified products, to create more joyful moments for all females and consumers worldwide.

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