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Hisense Receives Prestigious Consumer Friendly Company Certificate from the Government of Dubai, UAE

26 أبريل 2021

Recently, Hisense Dubai has been awarded the certification of ‘Consumer Friendly Company’ conducted by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Only 20 multinational brands successfully qualified for the certification, such as Hisense, Samsung and McDonalds. This also proves that Hisense Dubai’s customer service truly meets the international leading standards.


The certification process is based on stringent qualification criteria for pre and post sales activity. Some of the main criteria were Customer Management Policy, Pricing & Marketing Practices, Pre-Sale & After Sales Consumer Experience, Customer Perception, Complaint Resolution Effectiveness, etc. This certificate is valid for 3 years and Hisense Dubai can use it on various sales and marketing material, as well as on product packaging.

Hisense Dubai Certificate

Over the years, Hisense Dubai taken several initiatives to upgrade the user experience and interactions with Hisense’s customer service channels. Some of the key initiatives are: regular regional customer service team training workshops, regional technical olympics with its service partners and technicians, call center operation SOPs implementation and soft skills training, on-boarding of additional, professional service partners to expand operation and reach.


Hisense Dubai Certificate presentation

During the pandemic time, Hisense Dubai organised Free Service Campaign considering the pain-point of customers. Due to extreme summers in the region, A/C and cooling products need service after summer gets over. Home service was offered with free labour, discounted spare parts and discount vouchers, for next Hisense product purchase. This initiaitve was well received and acknowledged by the customers.

Customer Service has always been an important consumer touchpoint by far. It not only gives consumer a positive brand experience, but also delivers effective ‘word of mouth’ marketing, leading to positive brand purchase intentions in future. Hisense Dubai will launch the first exclusive Hisense service & training Centre by end of December, continuously improve consumer satisfaction, accumulate loyal users, and finally achieve further sales growth.

Hisense group photo

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