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Creating a Sustainable Workplace, Hisense Encourages Females to Achieve Better-self in Every Aspects

08 مارس 2022

As the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021 finds that gender equality is over 135.6 years away, meaning the world needs to pay more attention to achieving gender equality for a sustainable future. To address and alleviate gender inequality, this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, encouraging communities to unite and create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive place for all.
Hisense considers respecting gender parity, diversity, and inclusiveness in the workplace is essential, the corporate works to ensure every employee feels as if they belong to teams that embrace diverse talents and provide equal opportunities for unleashing each employees’ potential, helping employees reach personal goals, or challenge their limits, to become a better-self.

Hisense Encourages Women to Shine in Every Aspects in Workplace

Recognizing these unexpected obstacles and challenges women face, especially in careers, Hisense fully recognized the importance of creating a balanced, diverse, and equal workplace. Currently, females account for 41.6% of Hisense International’s global workforce, higher than World Bank’s latest global female workforce average of 38.89%.
As Hisense strives for a more inclusive and diverse corporate culture, more female employees are becoming more outstanding within the industry.


Li Wenli, General Manager of Hisense Japan, is regarded as a model leader by many of her young colleagues because she commits herself to her career, empowers, and fights for continuous improvement of her team, career, and corporate achievements. Since joining Hisense, she has lived in Japan independently and led her team to achieve a 10 times sales increase in 10 years. As an outstanding female employee, she has constantly challenged herself and encouraged more women to pursue their dreams, strive in the workplace, and become the best in their field.
Luna Nortje, Senior Executive and head of CE, HA, and the Mobile sales departments in Hisense South Africa, says that Hisense corporate style is humble and integrity, while the greatest strength of the company is embracing diversity and providing equal opportunities regardless of nationality. Luna continuously encourages female employees to make their voices heard, and truly unleash their full potential to be a better-self.

Creating a Sustainable Workplace, Hisense Encourages Females to Achieve Better-self in Every Aspects

Supports Females in Sports, Enables Females to Extend Potential in Various Fields

Hisense is a proud partner of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, following the sponsorship of the tournament in 2017. To continuously inspire women in sport, Hisense joint hand with UEFA will launch the ‘Remember the Name’ campaign, attracting wider attention for women’s football, giving female players the recognition, they deserve, making them shine and household names worldwide.


What deeply binds Hisense to sports are the shared values of effort, teamwork, respect, and camaraderie. Moving forward, Hisense will continue to create a more equal and sustainable environment for women, girls, and all, by deepening the core technology and becoming a trustworthy international brand.

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