Sponsoring EURO 2020 Is The Inevitable Choice Of Hisense’s Globalization Strategy

18 April 2022

As the first major tournament after the pandemic, EURO 2020 has attracted great excitement. As the Official Sponsor, Hisense appeared together with subsidiary brands. “If the sponsorship of EURO 2016 is the preliminary global presence, EURO 2020 must be the commencement of Hisense’s various brands and products globalization,” said Jia Shaoqian, President of Hisense Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Sports marketing has become Hisense’s strategic choice, and the key to elevating worldwide recognition, improving top-tier product recognition and drives sales, ultimately fulfils the “overseas market contributes to the majority of Hisense revenue” strategic goal. Through sports marketing and continuous strengthening the globally integrated marketing capabilities, Hisense consolidates the global presence and recognition.


Having a formidable integrated market competence and a highly recognized market reputation are severe requirements to become a top sponsor. Hisense’s sponsorship revealed brand capacity and excellent reputation gained by sports marketing. Hisense has built 16 R&D centres and 17 production bases, established 54 companies and offices worldwide, keep expanding global sales and industrial layout since the initial phase of globalization strategy. Furthermore, through charity and sports marketing, it drives visibility for Hisense and achieves universal trust and esteem globally.


By 2020, Hisense’s owned brand revenue accounts for 78% of international marketing revenue. “After 30 years, Hisense is a successful multinational enterprise and a reputable international brand, said Jia Shaoqian. “To become a globalization enterprise, comprehensive internationalization of product development, manufacturing, branding and marketing are key tactics.” As Hisense Chairman Zhou Houjian persist, strengthening the international marketing system, establishing a self-owned brand is Hisense’s unswerving development path.


“Having a comprehensive global marketing system and meticulous operational plans is the path to successfully driving enterprise globalization. The globalization of Hisense has been expedited through the accumulation of experience and efforts in five aspects,” said Zhu Dan, President of Hisense International Co., Ltd.


Hisense launched a range of marketing campaigns in Europe to maximize the sponsorship benefit: showcasing Hisense’s exclusive brand exposure at Festival Towers in six tournament countries; launching “Trophy Tour”, driving traffic through Twitter giveaway campaigns and promoting Hisense’s products to e-commerce etc. Through a variety of marketing campaigns, the brand influence was successfully increased.


Continuous dedication in sports marketing successfully boosts enterprise presence but also leads to better sales. In comparison with EURO 2016, Hisense focuses more on product sales and marketing in EURO 2020. Benefiting from the sponsorship, from January to June 2021, Hisense’s laser TVs overseas sales rose by more than 10 times YOY. “Large screen, Ultra-HD, Perfect quality and World-class sound” are Laser TV’s remarkable features and reasons of choice.


Pang Jing, general manager of Hisense’s international marketing department, said, “Benefiting from the sponsorship experience in EURO 2016 and FIFA World Cup 2018, Hisense is more proficient and efficient in EURO 2020. By establishing more overseas corporates and comprehensive supply chain system, the capabilities of gathering global resources enable Hisense to achieve success in EURO 2020 marketing campaigns. Focusing on increasing product sales and brand reputation has become Hisense’s marketing goal in EURO 2020. Moving forward, Hisense will continue its efforts in sports marketing. ”


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