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‘Hisense’ Continues to Strengthen Foothold in Thailand with This Year Revenue Expected at THB3.1 Billion as Sports Marketing Strategy Leveraged by Spo …

01 March 2022

Hisense International (Thailand) Co., Ltd, the world-class manufacturer of consumer electronics, smart TVs and home appliances, held a press conference on Hisense’s Electrical Appliance Marketing Direction for FY 2022 as well as announcing its business development plans in 2022 with an aim to drive sales revenue for this year to 3.1 billion baht, up 72% year-on-year. The company looks forward to increasing its market share in the TV, refrigerator, and air conditioning segments without worrying about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market sentiment. The company will focus on three sales and distribution platforms, comprising modern trade channels; online platforms; and dealers and distributors. The company will also leverage the sports marketing strategy to enhance brand and customer engagement by officially sponsoring the FIFA World Cup 2022 in order to reach out to the chosen lifestyles of target customers in each segment.

Hisense Continues to Strengthen Foothold in Thailand with This Year Revenue Expected at THB3.1 Billion as Sports Marketing Strategy Leveraged by Sponsoring image 1

Mr. Yi Xiaobing, Managing Director of Hisense International (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said the company acknowledged the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the overall sales volume of the Hisense brand in mid-2021. Sales of TVs and refrigerators decreased by around 15-20%, while sales revenue from air conditioners was slightly affected because of the expansion of sales and distribution channels in Bangkok and Up Country. The company’s sales revenue in 2021 totaled 1.8 billion baht, up 24% from a year earlier. Of the total sales revenue, 49% were from TV sales, 51% Home Appliances; 20% Air Conditioners, 22% Refrigerators, and 9% from other segments. Looking at the overall sales growth, it found that TV sales recorded growth of 9%, while sales of products in the domestic appliance segment grew 40%. Sales of Air Conditioners were up 74% and Sales of Refrigerators registered growth of 27%.


“In 2022, Hisense Thailand is committed to advancing its presence in the market with sales revenue targeted at 3.1 billion baht, substantially up 72% from 2021. Sales of TVs are expected to account for 44% of total revenue with 54% expected to come from home electrical appliances and 2% from other product segments,” he said.

Hisense Continues to Strengthen Foothold in Thailand with This Year Revenue Expected at THB3.1 Billion as Sports Marketing Strategy Leveraged by Sponsoring image 2

Mr. Chanchai Bhandhufalck, Sales & Marketing Director of Hisense International (Thailand), said Hisense has plans to introduce new products in 2022, including the launch of the ULED TV model in three segments. They are the flagship ULED Mini-LED “U8H Series”; Premium ULED “U7H Series”; and Quantum Dot ULED U6H Series. In addition, the company is set to debut the VIDAA Smart OS, which is a smart TV operating platform that is fast, responsive, and user-friendly in order to deliver an immersive experience. The smart TV operating system works with the VIDAA Voice to enable content searching using Thai language.

This year Hisense launched the new healthy air conditioner “TG Series” with a certified “Electricity Saving Label No. 5” and a three-star rating. It comes with the HI-NANO ion generator technology that is capable of releasing the highly concentrated level of negative ions (Zwitterionic) up to 1 million per cubic centimeter into the air. It also features Hisense’s uniqueness in the fresh air ventilation system to enhance comfortable air flow and ensure proper ventilation. The sterilized ions will be released to cover every corner in the room as the healthy air conditioner also helps inactivate viruses and bacteria as well as removing over 92.6% of the H1N1 influenza. Furthermore, Hisense has a range of refrigerators and coolers, focusing on two-door side-by-side refrigerators and four-door, multi-door refrigerators. They are beautifully complete with a luxury simplicity in style and a quieter refrigerator compressor. Hisense refrigerators and coolers are durable, energy-efficient, and friendly to the environment.

“As for the Hisense Washing Machine segment, the company focuses on the front-load washing machine “Pure Jet Series” with two variants available: 10-kg capacity with 6-kg washer dryer and 8-kg capacity. They come with the Pure Steam Technology. Hisense also has the top-load washing machine “Bubble Clean Series” with 13-kg and 8-kg capacity options available. Moreover, Hisense plans to launch a two-tub washing machine model within this year in response to all customers’ preferences,” said the director.

Hisense Continues to Strengthen Foothold in Thailand with This Year Revenue Expected at THB3.1 Billion as Sports Marketing Strategy Leveraged by Sponsoring image 3

In terms of the marketing and communications strategies, Hisense has continuously focused on boosting brand awareness, customer engagement, and creating the brand image via public relations programs. The company created a series of marketing content and posted them on social media to share user experience in using Hisense products. Hisense also highlights its sports marketing strategy by becoming an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is scheduled for November 21 to December 18 this year in Qatar. It aims to effectively expand the market and to reach out to target customers as such sports marketing strategy will make it a more widely recognizable brand that meets the diverse needs and preferences of target consumers. It also presents a good opportunity for the company to enhance Hisense brand awareness and recognition as the leader in electrical appliances in Thailand.


At present, Hisense TV is the No.1 top seller in China for 17 consecutive years, reflecting the brand’s leading advantages and firm foothold as the innovation-driven products in the market. Regarding the marketing in Thailand, the company remains upbeat about the sustained market growth opportunity with share in the air conditioning market targeted at 3% and share in the refrigerator market expected at 8%, Chanchai added.

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