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Demand for Personalised Experiences and Enhanced Connectivity is Growing

20 May 2024

Jason Ou, the President of Hisense Middle East and Africa, says the future is hands-free, and Hisense is embracing it

How has the regional smart appliances evolved over the past few years and what sort of impact has it had in the market?

The Middle East smart appliance market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by several key factors. The increase in consumers’ disposable income has contributed to the demand for high-tech, innovative products that offer convenience and efficiency. The region’s growing tech-savvy population is eager to adopt new technologies that enhance their lifestyles. Another important factor is the rapid growth in the real estate sector. The market has seen an influx of new high-end, modern residential projects, which has further fuelled the demand for these innovative appliances.

This growth has led to a shift in the market, moving beyond basic connectivity to truly intelligent appliances. These smart appliances offer a range of advanced features, including remote control capabilities, automated scheduling, and even voice interaction. Overall, the adoption of smart appliances in the Middle East has translated into a more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable user experience. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that not only meet their basic needs but also enhance their quality of life, and smart appliances are delivering on these expectations.

What sort of innovations does Hisense offer in the smart appliances area?
At Hisense Middle East, we’re at the forefront of smart appliance innovation and empower our consumers with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly appliances. Hisense enhances everyday living with a suite of innovative smart appliances. Consumers can immerse themselves in stunning visuals with the ULED X TV, featuring next-generation display technology for unparalleled brightness, contrast, and colour accuracy. For a cinematic experience at home, Hisense Laser TVs utilise ultra-short throw projection technology to deliver a large and immersive screen experience.

Hisense ensures groceries stay fresher for longer in the kitchen. The Hisense Pure Flat Smart Refrigerator offers innovative features such as temperature control via a smartphone app, touch display screens for easy navigation and inventory management, and a spacious interior with customisable storage.

Laundry care is also getting smarter with the newly launched 7S Smart Laundry Washer & Dryer. This advanced machine automatically matches the perfect wash cycle for laundry by weighing and sensing loads. No more guesswork—Smart Dosing helps fully utilise detergent, saving every drop to reduce wastewater and protect the environment. Finally, Hisense smart Air Conditioners offer remote control and the ability to create customised cooling schedules for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.

What trends have you seen in the market for smart appliances and how have you used those to better your regional strategies?
We closely monitor market trends in smart appliances to incorporate them into our regional strategies and stay ahead of the curve. In the Middle East, where temperatures are rising, energy-efficient appliances are a top priority for consumers. Hisense Middle East prioritises eco-friendly features that reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills, aligning perfectly with regional trends to reduce environmental impact.

Another prominent trend we’ve observed is the growing demand for personalised experiences and enhanced connectivity. In response, we’ve tailored our product offerings and services to cater to these evolving needs. Modern consumers crave appliances that adapt to their individual needs and integrate seamlessly with their smart home. Hisense recognises this and designs appliances that can be customised to user preferences. Imagine setting a personalised laundry cycle or adjusting your refrigerator temperature remotely, enhancing convenience and efficiency in your daily life.

The future is hands-free, and Hisense is embracing it. Our integration of voice control technology allows you to operate your smart home with just your voice, catering to the growing demand for a convenient and intuitive user experience.

What role do sustainability and energy efficiency play today?
Sustainability and energy efficiency are critical considerations in today’s home appliance industry. Manufacturers are increasingly focused on reducing environmental impact and meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly products. This trend is driven by consumer awareness and regulatory requirements aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In response to these trends, many companies, including those in the Middle East, are incorporating energy-saving features and using eco-friendly materials in their appliances.

This shift towards sustainability not only aligns with consumer preferences but also contributes to a more sustainable future for the planet. In the Middle East, where environmental concerns are particularly pressing, the emphasis on sustainability in appliance manufacturing is well-received. Consumers are increasingly seeking out products that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. As a result, manufacturers are focusing on developing products that not only meet performance expectations but also adhere to stringent sustainability standards.

How is AI revolutionising the home appliances landscape?
AI is transforming the landscape of home appliances, making them more intelligent and intuitive. With features like smart diagnostics and self-optimisation, appliances are becoming more convenient and efficient. For example, in TVs, AI introduces smart features like AI contrast and AI depth, which improve the clarity and depth of the picture by recognising scene content and adjusting accordingly.

In air conditioners, AI can automatically detect the position of the human body and adjust the temperature accordingly, ensuring comfort and efficiency. These technological advancements are reshaping the way we utilise our appliances, offering a more personalised and efficient experience.

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