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Hisense U8G - Quantum Dot Colour Feature Icon

Quantum Dot Colour

Every colour, precise colour, vivid colour

Hisense U8G - Full Array Local Dimming Pro Feature Icon

Full Array Local Dimming Pro

Separate light-control, preciser contrast, better experience

Hisense U8G - HDR10+ Feature Icon


Hisense U8G - Dolby Vision Atmos Feature Icon

Dolby Vision Atmos

Hisense U8G - Peak Brightness 1000 Feature Icon

Peak Brightness 1000

Hisense U8G - IMAX Enhanced Feature Icon

IMAX Enhanced

Hisense U8G - Hi view engine Logo Hisense U8G - Hi view engine Logo


The Hi-View Engine is an exclusive engine that provides you with an extraordinary experience.

Welcome to the clear world

Catch more details in Hisense 4K TV. Hisense U8 TV can upgrade normal 2K picture to 4K through reducing noise, supplementing details, and defining edges of pictures & texts. Also Hisense U8 TV can support decoding most formats of online & offline 4K signal. 

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Hisense U8G - Noise Reduction Logo Hisense U8G - Noise Reduction Logo

Clean and tidy picture

Hisense U8 TV with Noise Reduction technique can filter unwanted noise for optimizing picture.

*Simulated Image.

Brightness, darkness, contrast

Brightness 1000
Dolby Vision IQ
Full Array Local Dimming Pro
Hisense U8G - Dolby Vision IQ Logo Hisense U8G - Dolby Vision IQ Logo

Condition change, content change, HDR change, but the best experience not changed.

Hisense U8 TV adopts Dolby Vision IQ technique to automatically adjust HDR pictures based on the current content and external light conditions, to create the best experience for you.

No need to discover details in the shadow, details will be present

Through widening the depth of contrast between lightest and darkest shades frame-by-frame, HDR technique helps the TV to display highly realistic pictures.

Hisense U8G - Dolby Vision logo Hisense U8G - Dolby Vision logo
Hisense U8G - HDR Logo Hisense U8G - HDR Logo
Full Array Local Dimming Pro icon Full Array Local Dimming Pro icon

Separate light-control, preciser contrast, better experience

Hisense U8 TV adopts Full Array Local Dimming Pro technique to change the bottom lights to the back lights to prevent the interference of different display zones. Backlights are divided into multiple zones for control of corresponding areas of the screen.

Every colour, precise colour vivid colour

Over 1 BILLION colours provided from Hisense Quantum Dot Colour. Broader, more precise, more balanced…all for showing true-life colours and a vivid world.

Hisense U8G - Quantum Dot Colour Hisense U8G - Quantum Dot Colour
Hisense U8G - Ultra Colour Enhancer Hisense U8G - Ultra Colour Enhancer

Don’t miss any action

120Hz native panel and MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) technique will decrease tailing and motion jittering, all to provide an immersive experience for you, and Sport Mode can express these images smoothly. Enjoy every match!

*Simulated Image.

Ultra Motion Ultra Motion
Sports Mode Sports Mode
Hisense U8G - IMAX Enhanced Icon Hisense U8G - IMAX Enhanced Icon

Bring the cinema home

Image watch clearer pictures & brighter images

Sound feel immersive, heart-pounding audio delivered by DTS

Scale see more picture on the largest displays

Content experience premium content digitally remastered by IMAX®

Ultra Viewing Angle Ultra Viewing Angle

Beauty won’t fade no matter what angle

Ultra Viewing Angle technique protects picture quality through different viewing angles. Hisense U8 TV guarantees your family or friends will enjoy the same pictures and experience from any place on the couch.

*Simulated image

Hisense U8G - IMAX ENHANCED Logo Hisense U8G - IMAX ENHANCED Logo

More concentration, less distraction

Anti-glare screen will significantly decrease the reflection level, which gives you an outstanding viewing experience on sunny days or with glass surroundings.

*Simulated image

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

When you connect a game, the ALLM & VRR function of HDMI 2.1 will automatically switch the TV into Game Mode with HDMI 2.1 Low-Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate Mode. The 120Hz panel, lower reponse time, reduced lag, and more stable refresh rate will help you perform well to win each game! eARC function of HDMI 2.1 guarantees every sound can be transmitted immediately so that you can hear every action of your enemy! Additionally, this TV is certificated by AMD Freesync for reducing tearing and stuttering.

*The Adopted Trademarks HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Hisense U8G - VRR icon
Hisense U8G - Auto Low-Latency Mode icon
Hisense U8G - Game Mode Pro icon
Hisense U8G - HDMI 120Hz Panel icon

Don’t ignore the enemies in the shadow

With the HDR technique, Hisense U8 TV helps you recognize the enemies or key materials in the shadow, that you do not need to worry about hidden attacks or repeated searching for unremarkable materials. When Game Mode is on, you may turn off ALLM to let the TV analyze the details as much as possible for better HDR performance.

*Simulated Image

Game Mode Pro
Dolby Vision

Join it, hear it, enjoy it

From blowing wind to cheering crowds, the capture of background sounds and better sound quality will allow you to “join the scene” and enjoy every movie and game.

Dolby Atmos
Multi-Channel Surround
Front Firing Speaker
DTSX Audio
WISA Ready
Hisense U8G - Dolby Atmos Logo Hisense U8G - Dolby Atmos Logo

Wireless but little loss of sound

Hisense U8 TV can be wirelessly connected with up to 8 external speakers with WISA READY. It can extraordinarily protect sound-quality through the wireless condition.

Hisense U8G - Dolby Atmos Logo Hisense U8G - Dolby Atmos Logo

Come sit inside the scene

Hisense U8 TV with Dolby Atmos® can support multiplate speakers working together, each with their individual sounds. Sounds are transmitted to every corner of your room to create a 3D theatre audio experience. Better clarity protection helps you even hear the breath of the actors or the fluttering fur of animals.



3840 x 2160
65” 55”
Smart OS:
Ultra Motion 120Hz
Multi-channel Surround
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